When the Blue gold
inspire the Yellow one

For my jewellery diploma project i decided to use the Water as thematic. I had to imagine and design 10 jewels and realise one during metal workshops.​


Artistic Direction
Jewellery Design
Metal Work​


Diploma project​


May 2015


The waves of the waterfall are here represented by the stones undulations lightening in their fall. While diamonds, these ice blocks remain inert and stable amidst all these eddies. They seem to fly as if levitating through this moving water.

Group 6

How to show the fragility and beauty of water to give it a precious appearance, as a rare good to protect?

The water … This small molecule H2O essential to life is everywhere, whether in our body or on Earth. The large and growing consumption of fresh water on the planet is a major threat to the future of this resource. Beyond the design of jewels presented here, it's a deeper pondering. A questioning about our society which, today, goes further and further to satisfy our energy demands.

The idea is to restore the status of this symbolic element of purity, sometimes dirty or chemically polluted, but present at every moment of our lives.

A Snow Queen pendant, using the geometry and symmetry of the snowflakes associated with the brilliant of white diamonds. The hexagonal stone seems to sprout like a seed in icy grounds. This vertical progression becomes more complex when it extends closer to the neck.

Group 2ij
Group 5

The curves fluidity of this necklace found their inspiration into Chaim Machlev's tattoos. Here is the reuse of those curves, imagined in diamond and white gold threads.

Group 4

The stained shagreen imitates the appearance of micro-droplets, while the cabochons of tourmaline give the sensation of much larger drops. If we look down into black opal, its fires remind us of the colorful reflections of the sun on the surface of the water.

Group 7

Inspired by the particular style of the architect, Zaha Hadid, this ring reuses undulating lines. Like the work of Zaha Hadid, this ring is halfway between the minerality of water and at the limit of an organic object. Dotted with diamonds, the light seems to be reflected in the waves of the ring.

This cuff is clearly inspired by the ice sheet. The stones are carved like blocks of ice coming off an iceberg. The stones colors were chosen in shades of blue and green. They come to suggest the transparency of the water and make us discover the hues of the depths.

All rights reserved ©Julie Metge

All rights reserved ©Julie Metge